Safety & Security

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Safety & Security

Your child's safety is just as important as his/her education. Our Preschool is locked during preschool hours (9AM-12 Noon) and the entrance is camera-monitored in our office. Parents picking up children early must be buzzed in by our office.


Car Line

In efforts to reduce foot traffic through our Preschool, we have established a Car Line procedure for Drop-off and Pick-up. Our teachers assist children in and out of their car seats or boosters and have the opportunity to greet each parent. It is our practice to ask for identification of any person picking up your child in your absence.

Our goal is for every teacher to know every child's name enrolled in our Preschool (not just their own class). This helps us in the event of an emergency and to maintain security.

Safety Drills

We practice fire, tornado and lockdown drills to prepare for unforseen events. Parents will be kept informed when drills have taken place.